Captured Shots #3

Lilies captured from our Terrace Garden!

Copyright © “The Travelsio” Jahnvi Sharma 2021

Published by Jahnvi Sharma

I'm an Civil Engineering student who also has a passion of writing blogs related to travel, food, sports & many more. I'm a little girl with not so little dreams!

21 thoughts on “Captured Shots #3

  1. They’re beautiful. Your talent is increasing day by day.

    I think, we need more people like you.

    Happy Friendship Day, Jintu 🤗❤️

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      1. Can you please tell me these two things?

        1. Lokesh writing blogs on daily life issues. He research the topic, writes a compelling post adding his thoughts too. Sharing inspiration with the readers.

        • More amazing poems
        • Long stories with open-hand illustrations
        • Quotes & learnings from the great thinkers.

        I’ll organise some events or programmes also. For example, Creativity week, productivity hacks, Awards etc.

        Post frequency: Multiple posts a week.

        2. Lokesh writing detailed tutorials, guides. Teaching fellow bloggers to 1)earn living online, 2 Building an active community, 3) growing their blogs, 4) developing g entrepreneurial mindset etc.

        • I’ll try my best to benefit the most out of my research, analysis and support.

        • SEO and Blogging plays a major role here.

        Post frequency: I’ll publish such a post once a week. Depends on bloggers needs or demands.

        P.S. : I do not have much resources, knowledge and time. So, quality over quantity shall be my preference.🙂


      1. Yes, just sign up & upload your image. You’ll get ownership right over your image.
        Put a price if you wish to.
        Whosoever likes your image can buy it on Shutterstock & you’ll get 80%.
        If you want to put free then is primary choice. Stats will also be there to track the no of downloads of your capture.
        ~Not an endorsement but a basic thing people do.

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